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Usul al-Da'wah ( أصول الدعوة ): Dr. 'Abd al-Kareem Zaydan
[AUTHOR: Dr 'Abd al-Kareem Zaydan | HARDBACK: 512 Pages | PUBLISHER: Mu'assassat al-Risalah | ISBN 9953-32-156-6 |]

Usul al-Da\'wah ( أصول الدعوة ): Dr. \'Abd al-Kareem Zaydan

( أصول الدعوة ) 
AUTHOR: Shaykh, Dr Abd al-Karim Zaydan |
HARDBACK: 512 Pages |
PUBLISHER: Mu'assassat al-Risalah | Beirut, Lebanon |
 9953-32-156-6 |



A modern book on the methods of the Principles of Da'wah or propagation. This book delves into various subjects such as the five pillars of Islam, six pillars in Iman. The book also talks about what a judge as well as a scholar should teach his students. It extensively talks about various modes of ruling as being ruled. In short, it is a comprehensive book on ways of implementing propagation and living it.


A great scholar, thinker, prolific writer, teacher and activist, originally from ‘Iraq, Sheikh ‘Abdul Karim Zaydan was born in Baghdad in 1917. He spent his youth learning and memorising the Qur’ān in ‘Iraq and completed his primary and secondary education in Baghdad and graduated from the school of law in the same city. He then went on to work as a teacher and principal in a number of schools and institutions. He travelled to Cairo to complete a masters degree in Shari’ah from the faculty of Islamic law at the University of Cairo. After his masters, he completed his PhD (first class) in 1962 from the same university in Shari’ah. The Sheikh learnt and benefitted from a number of Iraqi and Egyptian scholars such as: Sheikh Amjad az-Zahawi, Sheikh ‘Abdul Qadir al Khaṭib, Sheikh Najm ad-Din al Wa’iẓ, Sheikh Muḥammad Maḥmud aṣ-Ṣawwaf, Sheikh ‘Ali al Khafif, Sheikh Muḥammad Abu Zahrah, Sheikh Ḥasan Ma’mun and the great Iraqi scholar of Ḥadith, Sheikh ‘Abdul Karim aṣ-Ṣa’iqah.

By profession, he held the positions of Professor and dean of the faculties of Shari’ah as well as Religion at the University of Baghdad. Due to pressure from the Bathist regime of ‘Iraq, he chose to migrate to Yemen in the early 90s. Since 1992, he worked as a professor of Shari’ah and MA/PhD studies at the University of Ṣan’a’ in Yemen. He also taught Fiqh and Uṣūl at the university of al Iman in Ṣan’a’ as well. The Sheikh was also a member of number Fiqh councils such as the World Fiqh Council. It is important to note here that the Sheikh was not merely an academic but was also very active in Da’wah and showed great concern for the state of affairs of the Muslims. It is evident from his works that he paid great attention to contemporary issues that the Muslims were facing and wrote a number of works providing answers and solutions for the Muslims around the world. He also joined the Brotherhood movement in ‘Iraq and held an important position within the organisation locally.

One of the qualities of Sheikh ‘Abdul Karim that clearly stood out was his prolific ability to write. He authored a number of books that were taught and studied throughout the Muslim world. It is evident for those that read his works that he excelled in comparative fiqh and uṣul. The following is a list of some of the books he wrote:

- Aḥkam adh-Dhimiyyin wal Musta’minin fī Dar al Islam (Rulings pertaining to non-Muslim citizens in the Lands of Islam)
- Al Madkhal li-Dirasah ash-Shari’ah al Islamiyyah (Introduction to the Studies of Islamic Law)
- Usul ad-Da’wah (Principles of calling to Allah). This particular book is a very important contribution to this genre of literature.
- Al Mufaṣṣal fi Aḥkam al Mar’ah wal bayt al Muslim fi ash-Shari’ah al Islamiyyah. (an Encyclopaedia of rulings pertaining to women and an Islamic household) (11 volumes)
- Al Wajiz fi Uṣul al Fiqh (An important text dealing with comparative usul. This text has been widely taught across the world and is considered by many to be a very important contribution to contemporary writings of uṣul).
- Ash-Shari’ah al Islamiyyah wal Qanun ad-Duwali al ‘am. (Islamic law and International Law)
- Al ‘Uqubah fi ash-Shari’ah al Islāmiyyah (Punishment in Islamic Law)
- Buḥuth Fiqhiyyah Mu’asirah (a collection of papers that deal with contemporary rulings such as citizenship in non-Muslim Lands, contemporary financial transactions etc). This particular work seems to be the latest published work of the Sheikh.
- Al Mustafa min Qasas al Qur’an (Selected stories with their benefits from the Qur’ān).

The above is only a small selection of some of the books of the noble scholar. The Sheikh was awarded with the King Faiṣal International Award in 1997 for Islamic Studies for his contribution to Islamic literature and research. On Monday the 27th of January 2014, corresponding to the 25th of Rabi’ al Awwal 1435 he passed away in San'a, may Allah (Subḥanahu wa ta’ala) shower him with His grace and mercy and fill his grave with light and peace and enter him into the highest stations of Paradise. Ameen.

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