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al-Mahsul fi 'Ilm Usul al-Fiqh 2 VOLUMES (المَحْصُول فِي عِلْم أُصُول الفِقْه) Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi + Shaykh Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut
[AUTHOR: Imam Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (d. 606) | TAKHRIJ: Shaykh Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut | I'TANA: Shaykh 'Izz al-Din Dhili | COVER: HARDBACK COVER | 1080 PAGES | 1st PUBLICATION 2012 | PUBLISHED: Mu'assassat al-Risalah | Beirut, Lebanon | ISBN: 978-9933-23-042-5 |]

المَحْصُول فِي عِلْم أُصُول الفِقْه



Imam Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (d. 606)

الإمام أبو عبد الله فخر الدين محمد الرازي ٦٠٦ هـ



Shaykh Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut |

الشيخ شعيب الأرنؤوط



Shaykh 'Izz al-Din Dhili |

عِزِّ الدين ضلي




عدد المجلداد: ٢ | عدد الصفحات ١٠٨٠ | الطبعة الأولى: ٢٠١٢

نوع التجليد


Mu'assassat al-Risalah | Beirut, Lebanon  |

مؤسسة الرسالة | بيروت، لبنان



978-9933-23-042-5  |







Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi's most important work on Sharia law and usul al-fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) was Al-Mahsul fi 'Ilm al-Usul. It is by far one of the most favourite and utilised text in the field of Usul. Based on four popular titles that preceded it such as; al-Burhan by Imam al-Juwayni, al-Mustasfa by Imam al-Ghazzali, al-'Umdah by Qadi Ab al-Jabbar and al-Mu'tamad by Abi al-Hussayn al-Basri. Many others that came after al-Razi followed his method by expanding or abridging the Mahsul.


هذا الكتاب يعتبر من أجلِّ و أهم موسوعات أصول الفقه لدى المتكلمين؛ إذ إنّ من المعروف أنّ رسالة الإمام الشافعيّ، وما تلاها من دراساتٍ أصوليّة، وما سطِّر حول موضوعاتها، وما تناولته من مباحث قد انتهى إلى أربعة كتبٍ مهمة هي: كتابا الشافعيَّة )البرهان لإمام الحرمين، والمستصطفى للغزالي ( وكذلك كتابا المعتزلة )العُمَد للقاضي عبد الجبّار، والمعتمد للقاضي أبي الحسين البصري ( وإنّ هذه الكتب الأربعة قد قام الإمام الرازيّ بتلخيصها وتحريرها والاستدراك عليها في هذه الموسوعة الأصوليَّة ) المحصول في علم أصول الفقه ( وقد حذا حذوه سيف الدين الآمديّ، لكنّ علماء الأمُّة قد عقدوا اللواء للمحصول وصاحبه الذي حظي بلقب الإمام في سائر كتب الأشاعرة، والشافعيَّة، والمتكلمين. ويسعدنا أن نقدّمه في ثوبه الجديد لطلاب العلوم الشرعيَّة.



--- al-Kashif 'an al-Mahsul; Imam Shams al-Din Muhammad b. Mahmud al-Asbahani (d. 678),

--- Nafa'is al-Usul fi Sharh al-Mahsul; Imam Shihab al-Din Abu al-'Abbas Ahmed al-Qarrafi (d. 684),


Some of the following texts are abridgements of the Mahsul;

--- al-Muntakhab, or Muntakhab al-Mahsul; an abridgement by Imam Razi himself,

--- al-Hasil min al-Mahsul; Imam Taj al-Din Abi Abd Allah Muhammad al-Urmawi (d. 656)

--- al-Hasil min al-Mahsul;  also by Imam Dhiya al-Din Hussain,

--- Tanqih al-Fusul fi Ikhtisr al-Mahsul; Imam Shihab al-Din Abu al-'Abbas Ahmed al-Qarrafi (d. 684), he has also an commentary on this abridgement.



This print has some beneficial footnotes, as well as Hadith notations since it was edited by an expert of the Hadith sciences Shaykh Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut. It also contains various notes of Imams varied opinions that has since been dissected depending on the various methodologies out there.



Imam Muhammad ibn `Umar ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Husayn Abu `Abd Allah al-Qurashi, al-Bakri, al-Taymi, al-Tabaristani al-Shafi`i, known as Ibn al-Khatib and as Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (543-606), a great scholar of kalam, Shafi`i school of Jurisprudence, commentator of the Qur’an, Philologist, genealogist, heresiographer, logician, mathematician, astronomer and physician. He traveled widely before settling in Herat (in modern Afghanistan) and authored more than 100 books (on subjects as diverse as medicine, mineralogy, and grammar), and gained fame and respect through his scholarship and skill in debate, in which he often presented unorthodox views fully and favorably before refuting them and also accusations of heresy.


His works include one of the major commentaries on the Qur’an, Al-Tafseer al-Kabir or the Mafatih al-Ghayb (Keys to the Unknown), which has an emphasis on rational and scholastic debates and on the refutation of false sects and contains much of philosophical interest. Born in a family originally from Amol, in modern-day Mazandaran province of Iran (ancient Tabaristan), he first studied with his father, and later at Merv and Maragha, where he was one of the pupils of al-Majd al-Jili, who in turn had been a disciple of al-Ghazali. He was accused of rationalism, despite the fact that he restored many to the orthodox faith. He was a leading proponent of the Ash'ari school of theology.


Al-Razi had written over a hundred works on a wide variety of subjects. His major works include:

Al-Tafsir al-Kabir, also known as Mafatih al-Ghayb, among the greatest commentaries of Qur'an in Islam, in twelve to thirty volumes depending on the edition, he spent the last fifteen years of his life working on it and did not finish it. The commentator Abu Hayyan criticized its prolixity in acerbic terms.

--- `Isma al-Anbiya'.

--- Bahr al-Ansab.

--- Kitab al-Mantiq al-Kabir.

--- Al-Mahsul wa al-Muntakhab, in which he amended Abu al-Husayn Muhammad ibn `Ali al-Basri al-Mu`tazili al-Shafi`i's (d. 463) al-Mu`tamad fi Usul al-Fiqh.

--- Al-Arba`in.

--- Nihaya al-`Uqul

--- Al-Bayan wa al-Burhan fi al-Radd `ala Ahl al-Zaygh wa al-Tughyan

--- Al-Mabahith al-`Imadiyya fi al-Matalib al-Ma`adiyya

--- Al-Mabahith al-Mashriqiyya.

--- Ta'sis al-Taqdis fi Ta'wil al-Sifat, a methodical refutation of the anthropomorphisms. Ibn Taymiyya attacked it in a book entitled al-Asas Radd al-Ta'sis.

--- Irshad al-Nuzzar ila Lata'if al-Asrar.

--- Al-Zubda.

--- Al-Ma`alim fi Usul al-Din, a commentary on Abu al-Ma`ali al-Juwayni's Luma` al-Adilla.

--- Al-Ma`alim fi Usul al-Fiqh

--- Sharh Asma' Allah al-Husna

--- Sharh Nisf al-Wajiz li al-Ghazzali

--- Sharh al-Isharat.

--- Al-Mulakhkhas fi al-Falsafa.

--- Al-Matalib al-`Aliyya.

--- Al-Milal wa al-Nihal.

--- Sharh Kulliyyat al-Qanun fi al-Tibb.

--- Manaqib al-Shafi`i.

--- Sharh Siqt al-Zand li Abi al-`Ala'.

--- Al-Tariqa al-Baha'iyya fi al-Khilaf. Siraj al-Din al-Ghaznawi translated it into Arabic from its original Persian.

--- Sharh Mufassal al-Zamakhshari.

--- `Uyun al-Hikma.

The spurious Asrar al-Nujum on magic and divination, falsely attributed to the Imam.

He died in 606 Hijri, 1209 CE in Herat (in today's Afghanistan).




He is Shu'ayb ibn Muharram ibn 'Ali, Abu Usama al-Arna'ut, born in Damascus in 1928, two years after his father's emigration for religious reasons from Shkoder, Albania. He is a scholar of hadith, Hanafi law, Quranic exegesis and Arabic grammar and lexicology who has edited many classical works from old manuscripts.

Educated in Damascus, he studied Hanafi jurisprudence with shaykhs such as Abd al-Razzaq al Halabi, Nuh al-Albani, Sulayman al Ghawji, and others, and hadith terminology under Abdullah al-Habashi, Shaykh al-Kallas, and Salih al-Farfur, with the latter of whom he also read the eight volume Hanafi Hashiya radd al muhtar of Ibn Abidin during the course of seven years, and the Quranic commentaries of Zamakhshari and Nasafi.

Among the better known scholars of his profession, he has edited, annotated, and judged the hadiths of more than eighty works to date;

--- Zad al-ma'ad [The provision for the return] by Ibn Qayyim al Jawjziyya in 5 volumes

--- Sharh al-sunna [The explanation of the sunna] by Imam Baghawi, which presents the primary Quranic and hadith textual evidence for rulings of Sacred Law;

--- Sharh mushkil al athar [The explanation of problemated hadiths] by Imam Tahawi, which explains the accord between ostensible contradictions among hadiths in terms of which ones are understood, abrogated, or conditioned by others or by the Koran;

--- al-Ihsan fi taqrib Sahih ibn Hibban [The proficiency: on facilitating the "Rigorously authenticated hadith collection" of Ibn Hibban.

The preparation of these works, each of which has sixteen volumes, was by no means a mere exercise in editing. With Ibn Hibban, for example, the original text consisted of eight volumes, to which Shaykh Shu'ayb supplied the equivalent of eight additional volumes of his own notes and commentary.

In our times, as Shaykhs qualified to teach the classic works of the Islamic sciences grow steadily fewer, Shu'ayb's hope is that such expanded and annotated editions will to some extent fulfil the educational needs of the Muslims who read them.


Though he will probably be remembered for his work in hadith, he strongly believes that Muslims should take their religion from those with the best understanding of the primary texts of the Quran and prophetic traditions, at their forefront the Imams of the four schools. "They are explainers, not popes" he says, "but in each of their schools there afterwards followed a hundred or more scholars who refined and added to their work, men whose stature in Islamic knowledge was like mountains, any of whom could put fifteen of the scholars available today in his pocket."

He passed away in November 2016. He supervised the research staff and library of the Mu'assasa al-Risala publishing house.




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