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Tadhkirat al-Sami' wa'l Mutakallim fi Adab al-'Alim wa'l Muta'allim (تَذْكِرَةُ السَّامِعْ وَالمُتَكَلِّم فِي أَدَبِ العَالِمْ وَالمُتَعَلِّمْ) Imam Badr al-Din Muhammad Ibn Jama'ah
[AUTHOR: Imam Badr al-Din Muhammad b Ibrahim Ibn Jama'ah (d. 733) | TAHQIQ & DARASAH: Muhammad b. Mahdi al-'Ajmi | COVER: HARD BACKCOVER | 215 PAGES | 4th PUBLICATION 2013 | PUBLISHED: Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyyah | Beirut, Lebabnon | ISBN: 978-614-437-051-3 |]

تَذْكِرَةُ السَّامِعْ وَالمُتَكَلِّم فِي أَدَبِ العَالِمْ وَالمُتَعَلِّمْ



Imam Badr al-Din Muhammad b Ibrahim Ibn Jama'ah (d. 733) |

الإمام القاضي بدر الدين  أبو عبد الله محمد بن إبراهيم إبن جماعة الكناني الحموي ٧٣٣ هـ



Muhammad b. Mahdi al-'Ajmi |

محمد بن مهدي العجمي

تعليق وتحقيق



عدد المجلداد: ١ | صفحة ٢١٥ | الطبعة الرابعة: ٢٠١٣

نوع التجليد


 Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyyah | Beirut, Lebabnon |

دار البشائر الإسلامية | بيروت، لبنان



978-614-437-051-3 |







Tadhkirat al-Sami' wa'l Mutakallim fi Adab al-'Alim wa'l Muta'allim would indicate that its author was closely associated with the teaching profession and was fully aware of academic life and work of teachers and pupils in educational institutions. It was in the year 672 A.H. (1273 A.C.) that Ibn Jama'ah completed this work as a guide for both students and teachers to help improve quality of their academic life and work.


Drawing upon the vital link between the teacher and student, the author discusses different channels of knowledge with direct references to the Holy Quran and Sunnah and to the foregoing teachers. He also tells the reader how to get the maximum out of a book or a teacher.

The Manner in the light of above mentioned opinions of the scholars has this dignity and its excellences are not known, the need of the students to it and their hardship to follow it, which is either for shyness which prevent them from presence or the tyranny which creates in them aversion. This sort memoir for the teacher to remind him and for the student to inform him about his responsibility and which are common to the both. In this book guidelines on rules and regulations of the hostels both for the senior and the junior students.

The five chapters, which cover the objectives of the book:
1. On the excellence of knowledge and the scholar (and excellence of scholar and his offspring).
2. On the manners of the teacher, concerning himself, his students and his lesson.
3. On the conduct of the student; with himself, and his teacher, and his fellows and his lesson.
4. On the methods of consulting books and which concern to it.
5. On the manners of the hostels of the educational institutions, and which concerns to it.

Ibn Jama'ah places a high premium on personal and professional qualifications of the teacher, his main responsibility being the promotion of student welfare and advancement of knowledge. He must shun pride and arrogance, should meet people with a smiling face, help the needy and hold students in affection.
Each of the five chapters of the book is sub divided into a number of 'sections' and each section is loaded with considerable detail on the subject concerned as well as the supporting references from the Islamic educational tradition.


This print is quality print that contains further additional information on the background of the book as well as the scholastic position of Ibn Jama'ah. Contains full tashkeel/vowelised and is perhaps one of the best editions. This edition has been reprinted over 4 times.



Ibn Jama'ah, Badr al-Din Muhammad Ibrahim (639-733H):[1]
He is al-Imam al-Faqih Qadi al Qudat, Shaykh al-Islam, Badr al Din Muhammad b. Ibrahim b. Sa'd Allah Ibn Jama'ah was born in 639 A.H. (1241 A.D.) a celebrated scholar from Shafi'i Jurists, distinguished and served at the court of Mamluk Egypt and a descendent of the prominent Banu Jama'ah clan. The Banu J
ama'a traced their descent to the North Arab tribe of Kinana, hence his name of al-Kinani. His family as well as his children were great scholars. His father, Burhan al-Din Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Ibn Sa'd Allah (596-675 A.H. / 1200-1277 A.D.) was known for his fiqh and Hadith who also excelled in Sufism (tasawwuf). Not much was known about him and it was also said he was first renown person of learning in the Banu Jama'ah clan. Also his children were of renown scholars such as; his son was 'Izz al-Din Abd al-'Aziz (694-767/1294-1366), and his grandson was Burhan al-Din Abu Isa Ibrahim b. 'Abd al-Raim (725-790/1325-1388). He also had siblings who were scholars in their own right.


At the age of seven years old Ibn Badr al-Din Ibn Jama'ah received his Ijaza or certificate of memorisation of the Qur'an at the hands of his teacher Ahmed Ibn al-Mufarraj ibn Ali Ibn al-Mufarraj (d.650).

He was educated at Hama, and as soon as he sponged the knowledge from its scholars he travelled on (646 A.H. 1 1248 A.D.). Badr al-Din Ibn Jama'ah travelled to cities such as Aleppo, Damascus, Alexandria, and Jerusalem in the hope gaining knowledge from its residence. He studied amongst others with Imam Ibn al-Malik, the grammarian. After this he achieved excellence in religious studies and jurisprudence, and became a leading figure of the Shafi'i madhab in his day. He attained the high status of Shaykh al-Islam and held the high position of Chief Justice in Egypt and twice in Damascus. He was also the Khatib, the lecturer of both Masjid al-Aqsa as well as the Ummayyad Masajid.

He commanded respect and influence, and had a large number of students and followers. He taught many universities and public gatherings. Some of the schools he taught as according to his most senior student, al-Birzali is; al-Madrasah al-Qaymariyyah, al-'Adiliyyah al-Kubra (Ibn Jama'ah's son 'Izz al-Din Ibn Jama'ah ( 694 - 1366 A.H. 1 1294 - 1366 A.D.) was barn in al-Madrasah al-'Adiliyyah al-Kubra), al-Shamiyyah, al-Barraniyyah, al-Nasiriyyah, al-Jawwaniyyah, and al-Ghazzaliyyah all located in Damascus. He also taught at several other educational institutes in Egypt, namely al-Madrasah al-Salihiyyah, al-Nasiriyyah, al-Kamiliyyah, Jami' Ibn Tulun, al-Hakim, and al-'Atiq.

Some of his famous students included Imam Sham al-Din al-Dhahabi, Taj al-Din al-Subki and many others. al-Dhahabi has observed that Qadi Ibn Jama'ah was well versed both in prose and poetry, and had left copious notes on Fiqh, Hadith, Usul al Fiqh, and Tarikh.

Some of his well known works are;

--- Tadhkirat al-Sami' wa'l Mutakallim fi adab al-'Alim wa'l Muta'allim;
The most used work in terms of teaching and manual guide for both students and teachers on the path of knowledge.

--- al-Manhal al-Rawi fi Mukhtasar 'ulum al-Hadith al-Nabawi;

--- al-Fawa'id al-La'ihat min Surat al-Fatihah;

--- al-Tibyan li muhimat al-Qur'an;

--- al-Masalik fi 'ulum al-Manasik;

--- al-Najm al-Lami' fi Sharh Jam' al-Jawami';


He was described as a person with a 'strong personality, low voice and great dignity.' He was a man who had an exceptional intellect and a beautiful attitude. He died at Cairo in the year 733 A.H. (1332 A.D.), aged 94, and was buried by the side of the great Imam Shafi'i.


[1] al-Dhahabi Shams al-Din, Mu'jam al-Shuyukh. Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, al-Durar al-Kaminah fi A'yan al-Mi'ah al-Thaminah. Salibi, Kamal. S, Ibn Djama'ah, Encyclopaedia of Islam. New Edition. Husin Muhammad Said, Ibn Jama'ah. Educational Thought, McGiII University Montreal, 1995.



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