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Ghayat al-Maram fi Sharh Shurut al-Ma'mum wa'l imam (غَايَةُ المَرَام فِي شَرح شُرُوط المَأموم والإمام) by Imam Shihab al-Din + Shams al-Din al-Ramli
[AUTHOR: Imam Shihab al-Din Ahmed b. Ahmed al-Ramli (d. 957) | SHARIH Imam Shams al-Din Muhammad b. Ahmed al-Ramli (d.1004) | TAHQIQ & DARASAH: Dr. Musa'id b. Qasim al-Falih | COVER: PAPERBACK COVER | 147 PAGES | 1st PUBLICATION 1993 | PUBLISHED: Maktabat al-Ma'arif | Riyadh, Sa'udi |]

غَايَةُ المَرَام فِي شَرح شُرُوط المَأموم والإمام



Imam Shihab al-Din Ahmed b. Ahmed al-Ramli (d. 957) |

شهاب الدين أحمد بن أحمد بن حمزة الرملي الشافعي ٩٥٧ هـ



Imam Shams al-Din Muhammad b. Ahmed al-Ramli (d.1004) |

شمس الدين محمد بن أحمد بن حمزة الرملي الشافعي الصغير ١٠٠٤ هـ



Dr. Musa'id b. Qasim al-Falih |

الدكتور مُسَاعد بن قاسم الفالح

تعليق وتحقيق



عدد المجلداد: ١ | عدد الصفحات ١٤٧ | الطبعة الأولى: ١٩٩٣

نوع التجليد


Maktabat al-Ma'arif | Riyadh, Sa'udi |

مَكْتبة المَعَارف | الرِّياض، السعودية








This is Shurut al-Ma'mum wa'l Imam; A work regarding the conditions of the follower and Imam and the Conditions of Ablution. Later commentated by his son titled; Ghayat al-Maram fi Sharh Shurut al-Ma'mum wa'l Imam. This book is based on the madhab of Imam al-Shafi'i written by Imam Shihab al-Din al-Ramli and later commentated by his son Shams al-Din al-Ramli. Expanded with evidence as the initial text was meant to very brief. This commentary expands the conditions required from the Imam and the ma'mum.




وفي كتاب من تأليف الشيخ شمس الدين محمد بن أحمد الرملي الأنصاري الشافعي المتوفى سنة 1004هـ بعنوان: «غاية المرام.. في شروط المأموم والإمام».

فهذا كتاب (غاية المرام في شروط المأموم والإمام) على المذهب الشافعي تأليف الشيخ شمس الدين محمد أحمد الرملي الأنصاري الشافعي شرح فيه (شروط المأموم والإمام) لوالده الشيخ أبوالعباس أحمد الرملي فتناول فيه بالإيضاح والدليل والتعليل للشروط الواجب توفرها في الإمام وفي الإمام والمأموم معاً وفي شروط صحة الاقتداء وفي الصفات التي يتقدم على أساسها للإمامة، كما تناول أنواع الصلاة وشروطها وأركانها وسننها ومكروهاتها.

وقد أوضح المؤلف الشروط التي تجب على الإمام ومنها: أن يتابع المأموم إمامه في الأفعال أي في أفعال الصلاة بأن لا يتقدم المأموم على إمامه فيها، فمتى تقدم على إمامه بفعل مبطل بطلت صلاته لقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم: لا تبادروا الإمام إذا كبر فكبروا وإذا ركع فاركعوا»، ولقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم: «إنما جعل الإمام ليؤتم به فإذا كبر فكبروا وإذا ركع فاركعوا». والكتاب ثري بالمعلومات التي تهم الإمام والمأموم فجزى الله المؤلف والمحقق بالخير.




This edition contains some manuscript images that this text was rendered from, though early 90's print, it is still good quality with beneficial footnotes, biographical study of both authors and backdrop to the origin of the text.  



He is the Imam, ‘Alim, Sheikh of Islam, the scholar’s scholar of his time, Shihab al Din, Abu al-‘Abbas, Ahmad bin Ahmad bin Hamzah al Ramli, al-Munufi, al Misri, al-Ansari al Shafi’I, known as al-Shihab al Ramli. He (may Allah Ta ‘Ala have mercy on Him) grew up in Allah Most High’s worship and obedience. Since His childhood, He tirelessly sought knowledge and worked very hard to attain it. No one among his peers could bear such persistence and hard work. He adhered to piety, scrupulousness, abstinence and humility.

He read Hadith, Fiqh, its principles, grammar, rhetoric and literature. His rank elevated and his prestige rose. None of his contemporaries achieved what He attained. So much so that His Sheikh, Sheikh al-Islam Zakariyya al-Ansari, permitted him to modify his writings both during his lifetime and after his death and he did not permit anyone else to do this. Sheikh al-Islam used to say to him, “Correct what you see in my books that needs correcting and edit whatever needs to be edited and ascribe it to me.”

Al Shihab al-Din adjusted several passages of Sharh al Bahjah and Sharh al Rawd while Shiekh al Islam was alive. A group of his teachers authorized him to give fatwa and to teach. He undertook general lessons and his standing became widely known. His praise led him do widespread fame and his students came from everywhere.  

Al Shihab al-Din had a sharp intellect and a pertinent understanding. He read the Quran excessively. He spoke the truth openly and didn’t fear to condemn a sin. He commanded the good and forbade evil and didn’t fear the tyranny of the oppressors.

Al Shihab al-Din may Allah Most High have mercy on Him, served himself out of humbleness. No one was able to buy any of his needs from the market place until he became old and weak. From the subtleties of character was his reverence for his teachers during their lifetime and after their death. He venerated and honored them so much so that when he’d see any of his teacher, Burhan al Din bin Abi Shareef’s companions or the companions of Shiekh al-Islam, he’d honor them saying ,”when I look at any of his companions, it is as if I am looking at the Sheikh.” Al Imam al Shihab al Din had the good fortune of studying with the greatest scholars of his time who where lights in the various sciences. Their radiance remained luminous, illuminating the students of sacred knowledge and knowledge of Allah over the course of time.


Some of his teachers include;

Al Imam Ibn ‘Awjan, Al Imam Jalal al Din al Suyuti, Al Imam Burhan al Din ibn abi Shareef, Sheikh al Islam Zakariyya al Ansari, Al Imam al Hafidh Shams al Din al Sakhawi, Al Imam Khalid al Azhari,


As for al Shihab al Din’s students, they are too many to count. Students traveled from east to west for study with him. He was the Sheikh al Shuyukh of the period of consolidation in the Shafi’I madhhab. It came to the point where he’d become leader of the Islamic sciences. Almost all of the Shafi’I scholars (of the later Shafi’is) were either his students or the students of his students.


The most prominent of his students are;

Al Imam Rajab al Ya’furi, Al Imam Shams al Din al Taniki, Al Imam Shams al Din al ‘Alqami, Al Imam ‘Abd Wahhab al Sha’rani, Al Imam ibn Hajar al Haytami, Al Imam Shams al Din Khatib al Shirbini, Al Imam Nur al Din al Nasafi, Sheikh al Islam Shihab al Din al Ghazzi, Al Imam Burhan al Din al ‘Alqami, Al Imam ibn Qasim al ‘Abbadi, Al Imam Shams al Din al Ramli, Al Imam Nur al Din al Maqdisi, Al Imam Badr al Din al Karkhi, Al Imam Ibrahim al Halabi, Al Imam Nur al Din al Zayadi, Al Imam Nur al Din al Tandatay.


His writings:

With his extensive knowledge in the various fields of Islamic sciences, He did not leave lengthy works, rather all of his works are beneficial short works and the bulk of these works are in the science of Fiqh. His works include commentaries of the following;


--- Zahid’s Muqaddimah, commonly known as Sittin Masa’alah, by Imam Abul ‘Abbas Ahmad al Zahid.

--- Asna al Mutalib sharh Rawd al Talib by Sheikh al Islam.

--- Sharh Tahrir Tanqih al Lubab by Sheikh al Islam.

--- al Ajurumiyyah

--- Zubdat al Ulum

--- Baydhawi’s versification regarding marriage

--- Ghayat al Ma’mul sharh Waraqat al Usul by Imam al Haramayn.

--- Ibn ‘Imad’s versification entitled “Fath al Jawad”.

--- Zubad ibn Rislan entitled “Fath al Rahman.”

--- Tasliyah al Ka’ib bi faqd al Habib

--- Shurut al-Ma'mum wa'l Imam; A work regarding the conditions of the follower and Imam and the Conditions of Ablution. Later commentated by his son titled; Ghayat al-Maram fi Sharh Shurut al-Ma'mum wa'l Imam.

Two Fatwa works, one gathered by His student, Imam Khatib al Shirbini and the other by His son, Shams al Din al Ramli.

His death;


Allah Most High gave al Shihab al Din a long life. As He aged, he was still abstinent from this world and very humble. He occupied himself with knowledge by way of teaching, giving formal legal rulings, writing and commanding good and forbidding evil. He remained this way until he passed away and went on to the mercy of al Rahman in the beginning of Jumada al Akhir in the year 957.h. When news spread of His death, people gathered from everywhere, hearts filled with sadness and eyes filled with tears. On the day of Jumu’ah, the people prayed his funeral prayer at al Azhar. Al Azhar was so crowded that day that many people had to pray to funeral prayer in other places.

May Allah Most High have mercy upon Him.


Portions extracted from His biography in the introduction of Fath al Rahman bi sharh Zubad ibn Rislan.

(taken from: Tuhfat al-Tullab blog.)





His name was Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Ahmad Shihab al-Din al Ramli born in Ramlah, a village near Manufiyyah in Egypt, in 919AH. He was the son of a famous Shafi`i faqih and mufti, Shihab al-Din Ahmad al-Ramli.

His teachers include his father;

--- Shihab al-Din Ahmed b. Hamzah al-Ramli,

--- Shaykh al-Islam Zakariyya al-Ansari

--- al-Khatib al-Shirbini,

--- Burhan al-Din Abu Ishaw Ibrahim b. Muhammad,

--- Shihab al-Din Ahmed b. Abd al-Aziz,

and many others,

After his father’s death he became the chief Shafi’i mufti in Egypt. Such was his eminence that many came to identify him as the Mujaddid of his century. He was known as 'Little Shafi'i'.

Some of his popular works are;

--- Nihayat al-Muhtaj ila Sharh al-Minhaj;
نهاية المحتاج شرح المنهاج)

--- al-Ghurur al-Bahiyyat fi Sharh al-Manasik; Manasik al-Hajj of Nawawi,
الغرر البهية في شرح المناسك النوورية)

--- Ghayat al-Bayan fi Sharh Zubad Ibn Raslan;
غاية البيان في شرح زبد ابن رسلان)

--- 'Umdat al-Rabih fi Ma'rifat al-Tariq al-Wadhih; a commentary on Hadiyyat al-Nasih wa Hizb al-Falah al-Najih of Ahmed al-Zahid
عمدة الرابح في معرفة الطريق الواضح)

--- al-Fatawa;

--- Sharh al-Bahjat al-Wardiyyah;
شرح البهجة الوردية)

--- Sharh al-'Uqud fi'l Nahw;
شرح العقود في النحو)

--- Sharh Matn al-Ujurrumiyyah;
شرح متن الاجرومية)

--- Sharh Manzumat Ibn al-'Imad fi'l 'Adad;
شرح منظومة ابن العماد في العدد)

--- Sharh al-'Ubab,

--- Sharh Idhah al-Nawawi,

--- Sharh Manzumat al-Baydhawi fi'l Nikah,

--- Hashiyat 'ala Sharh al-Tahrir; li Zakariya al-Ansari,

--- Hashiyat 'ala al-'Ubab,


He died at Cairo in 1004AH.s








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